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My name is Festus Ikechukwu Okpeh, fondly known as “Bizibrains” by friends, and Ike Bizibrains Okpeh by the literary world. I hail from Udenu Local Government, Enugu State, Nigeria. I am an unpublished writer (the author of the books “Big Eyes” and “I Am A Redsoul”) and a lawyer. I was born with a rare physical deformity – aggravated bilateral proptosis (abnormal protrusion of the eyeballs) and have since lived with this condition how best I know how to live.


The goal of this campaign is to raise the sum of N1,500,000 (one million five hundred thousand Naira) for the publication of my book – “Big Eyes” — for which I have been offered a contributory publishing contract by Austin Macauley Publishers (New York). I am yet to sign the contract due to lack of funds.

Publishers Agreement
Agreement Signing


“Big Eyes” is a novel of true life stories, inspired by the personal experiences of the author. It chronicles largely the author’s life growing up with proptosis (exophthalmos) in Nigeria, tracing his struggles against natural elements and the various natural phenomena incidental to his physical deformity from its small beginning to its mightiness. The author takes the readers through a journey to the inside of his “dry-tearing big eyes,” reliving with sheer agony the infinite recklessness of air, water and light as they interfaced with them.The book further tells the story of the author’s interactions with the wider (Nigeria) society. The discriminatory, egregious and aversive reactions directed towards him and his eventual “triumph” over himself and societal degradation.


Growing up with my peers as a child, I thought I had a life, until I was told and conditioned to believe otherwise. Once I became aware of my physical deformity, the natural phenomena incidental thereto, coupled with the discriminatory, aversive and egregious reactions directed towards me forced me into a life of solitude and reclusion, afraid of the world which was afraid of me. How is it that the earth is full of water and no love? For even love was (is) too blind to find me. “Not even Michael was by me to help me fight the demons of love”. I lived in gritty pain and pricks so much so that I had to live through them, and still do. Have you ever woken up not sure if you would ever see again, your eyelids tightly glued together so that only blood could separate them? Have you ever had to keep your eyes wide opened for several hours without blinking, looking unto nature the undoing of your existence? Have you ever felt your eyes heavy, and heavy and really heavy that all you could do was to sit still, less they fall? And has the world ever taught you always to look away from where others look on? Yet against these odds and amidst trepidation and uncertainties, often soaking my books with the stream of tears ever springing from my big eyes, I attended school, graduating top of my class from primary to the university level and became the best overall student with disability/deformity at the Nigerian Law School. Amazing God! But for how long will I continue to live in my own shadows? I have to overcome myself. And writing “Big Eyes” is a part of this process.


“Big Eyes”, if published, would be one of its kind. Perhaps a “first” in the literary world. A lot of books have been written about people with disabilities/deformities, but none has brought to limelight the plights of people living with proptosis – a life subject to discriminations, spurred by sheer suspicions, misunderstanding, misconceptions and myths. I have to speak up, to share my story and to let the whole world know and understand proptosis and its sufferers, while also initiating a proper dialogue for social change. To underscore the import of this book, this is what the Board of Editors of Austin Macauley said after reviewing it:

Big Eyes’ was found to be an intriguing collection of short stories that will captivate readers and open their eyes to a new culture and the realities of living with physical deformities. Through relatable and interesting characters, you (the author) weave fascinating stories that will resonate with readers and make their way to their readers’ hearts. Your stories touch on a variety of life issues and lessons that will introduce readers to Nigerian culture and issues and hopefully spark positive discussions and change…we believe it is worthy of publication

Ashley Pascual, Senior Editor and Jade Robertson, International Publishing Director

“Big Eyes” is not just a story. It is the story for the beginning of new hope, cultural and social rebirth.


This campaign shall last for a period of 90 days from the day it is launched, and may be extended for three other periods of 90 days in succession.


Kindly think of your donation(s) as an act of charity and kindness to help create social change and reforms and inspire people living with any form of physical or mental deformities to dare to dream big. Nevertheless, you will be rewarded for your donation(s) in the following ways:

  • All donations, irrespective of the amount, shall be duly appreciated on the “Appreciation Page” of the book, and the person who makes the highest donation shall receive a special mention.
  • All donors shall be entitled to have their copies of “Big Eyes” autographed, as is possible and practicable at all times.
  • The first two hundred persons to make a donation of N5,000 (five thousand Naira) or more shall be entitled to have their names listed on the back (inside) of the book, subject to the approval of the publisher.
  • The first ten persons to make a donation of N10,000 (ten thousand Naira) or more shall each be entitled to an autographed copy of “Big Eyes” (paperback) for free.
  • The first five persons to make a donation of N20,000 (twenty thousand Naira) or more shall each be entitled to an autographed copy of “Big Eyes” (hardback) for free.

Note: All we need is 1,500 (one thousand five hundred) friends/donors to make a donation of at least N1,000 (one thousand Naira). The above rewards are really nothing, they can never be enough to commensurate or compensate you for your charity. History will never forget you. No amount is too small or too big. Any amount donated shall be duly and most appreciated.


If at the expiration of the campaign duration, including the extensions as the case may be, at least 90% of the campaign goal/target is not realized, all donors shall be entitled to a refund in equal proportion to their donations.


All monies donated shall be applied solely to the publication of “Big Eyes” and matters incidental thereto. And for purposes of posterity, accurate data collection, accountability and transparency, after making their donations, all donors shall, immediately, send their account name, account number and amount donated to or text it to 07066123346. Among other things, this data will be used to double check credit alerts (donations) received for purposes of refunds should it become necessary to do so.


This campaign shall last as per the duration in paragraph (6) supra, and closes thereafter. However, should the campaign goal/target be fully realized before the campaign duration elapses, the campaign shall close following the realization of the goal/target.


Please, deposit or transfer any amount to the account details below:

  • Account N0: 0128877280
  • Account type: SAVINGS
  • Banker: UNION BANK


I do not take for granted your magnanimity in charity. I sincerely appreciate. May God reward you generously for sharing this dream with me, notwithstanding the harsh burden it entails.

Note: Kindly observe paragraph (9) above. Remember, YOU are my first donor. Please, let’s do this together. Let’s all play our parts, each according to his/her will and conscience. Donate to this noble cause and share on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, blogs, etcetera), inviting your family, friends and friends’ friends to join us in this quest. INK MY PEN TO SIGN THIS CONTRACT!

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Your wordpress site is very sleek – hope you don’t
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